Wave Refill Station

Waterfillz® Wave Refill Station

Health and wellness starts with good hydration, and good hydration starts with the WaterFillz Wave.

Like all of our units, the Wave offers free refills of fresh, naturally filtered water. The Wave is built slim and fully equipped with filtration, purification and refrigeration technology, guaranteeing anytime access to cold, clean water for everyone. This unit is right at home in shared spaces or high traffic locations, such as offices and gyms, where quick, convenient refills are a necessity.

The Wave is also helping swap out disposable bottle waste for Earth-friendly refills. Every place that installs a Wave becomes a launchpad for the future of sustainable hydration.


Benefits of the WaterFillz Wave include:

  • Long-lasting filters and UV purification guarantee anytime access to clean water

  • Hassle-free, twenty minute installation

  • Draws from tap water source

  • Refrigerates and dispenses water using less electricity than a lightbulb

  • Filtration and purification process meets and exceeds NSF Standards 42 and 53 for contaminant reduction, and uses only BPA-free, FDA-approved food grade materials

  • Slim design takes up minimal space

  • Fast water flow provides quick refills

MSRP: $7,995.00

Refurbished Sale Price: $2,500.00

Emergency Preparedness

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Peace of mind. All the time.

The innovative filtration system that comes in every WaterFillz station does more than make water taste fresh. As the industry leader in filter power, It's also a lifeline in the case of emergency.

The UV purification system in WaterFillz removes 99.9999% of microbiological contaminants, making water safe and drinkable even in the event that tap water becomes microbiologically compromised. The filtration system is also equipped to remove chemicals from industrial runoff and leakages.


Kick contaminants where it hurts.

If we couldn't guarantee that WaterFillz offers the freshest, healthiest water, we wouldn't be selling it.

And we wouldn't be drinking from it ourselves, either.

The WaterFillz filtration system is the leader in its industry. Complete with three micron sediment and carbon block filters, as well as UV purification, it has been proven by independent labs to remove 99.9999% of microbiological contaminants. In short, we're total geeks about keeping the upper hand on water contaminants.

For locales where tap water is well treated, this is additional protection. For the many places with more questionable water safety standards, WaterFillz is a much-needed reassurance that the water you drink is safe. And in any locale, WaterFillz is a vital resource in case of emergency.

In addition to guaranteeing that the water we drink is health-safe, WaterFillz removes any unpleasant tastes or odors from water. After all, we can only expect people to break the bottled water habit if WaterFillz offers a crisp, fresh-tasting alternative.

Plus, WaterFillz Intelligent Filtration removes everything unpleasant and unwanted without removing health-essential minerals and nutrients found in municipal tap water.

Part of protecting our planet is protecting the health of its people. We promise to never give up on that fight. 

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Cost Effectiveness



Budget-friendly sustainability

Sometimes environmentally responsible choices come with big price tags. But WaterFillz saves money and our environment at the same time.

The WaterFillz savings start with drastically  lower filter costs. While competitor units require expensive filter replacements every 2-3 weeks, WaterFillz only needs a new filter once or twice a year, depending on usage.

Maintenance on WaterFillz stations also comes with a lower bill. Because WaterFillz stations are free of pesky moving parts that are prone to break, they require less maintenance than competitor units. Only an annual check-up maintenance is required.

Of course, WaterFillz is also the best alternative to pricey disposable water bottles. With the average bottle of water costing $1.35, WaterFillz offer a significantly less expensive alternative.  

Best of all, there are no hidden strings--no rental fees, no contracts, and no monthly maintenance costs. We strive to make the WaterFillz experience hassle-free for everyone so that you can sit back and let the savings begin.

But don't take our word for it. An independent study that analyzed the cost effectiveness of hydration units found that WaterFillz was the lowest cost option among its competitors over a five year period.

A WaterFIllz station is an investment you can rely on--for both the planet and your budget.

Energy Efficient Design


Energy efficiency should never be an afterthought.

Getting water into our bottles shouldn't leave a big carbon footprint, or a big energy bill.

It should be simple, sustainable and affordable.

We want to make sure that everyone who refills at a WaterFillz feels assured they are helping conserve our planet's resources. After all, the refill movement isn't just about stopping bottled water waste. We're out to curb fossil fuel use, too. Refill enthusiasts are always glad to know then that our stations purify, refrigerate and dispense fresh water using  less electricity than a lightbulb. WaterFillz units and filters are also made entirely with recyclable components.

We've been able to make the WaterFillz station what it is today because we've kept sustainable innovation at the core of our design process--and we always will.